Timeframe: 15 Minutes  |  Supplies: white board or large poster paper

This is the point where we bring everyone's ideas together and create a hierarchy of what the students think are the most valuable contributions to send on the EarthCapsuleOne. 

  1. Create a large bullseye diagram with three layers on a white board or on large poster paper.

  2. Have one group come up at a time to add their ideas, ranking them accordingly. The center is the most essential contributions, whereas the 3rd ring are the least essential. 

  3. Throughout this activity, help facilitate student participation to make the bullseye activity as smooth as possible.

Send us pictures of your Bullseye! Make sure to take legible pictures of the Bullseye diagram. Take one of the whole diagram, and zoom in on different parts that you find interesting.

In the above video, the students are instructed to share and place their post-it note ideas onto areas of the bullseye.