1. What is the purpose of the Moonshot?

Our purpose is to impact a generation of students--so they feel inspired, empowered and globally connected, every time they look at the moon.

2. What is EarthCapsuleOne?


EarthCapsuleOne is a radiation-shielded golden earth designed to preserve 1000gb of data for over 500 years. This capsule will be filled with pictures, writing, sounds and video that is contributed by >1M students from 30+ countries.

The purpose of the capsule is to send a "message to the future" that will inspire a collective reflection of life on earth.

3. How will the time capsule be sent to the moon?

EarthCapsuleOne will be sent on the first commercial shipment to the moon in 2018, via the robotic moon lander Astrobotic and the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

4. How does this benefit my students?

This is an opportunity to excite your students in launching something to the moon with classrooms worldwide. If you can empower your student to put something on the moon, they'll carry this inspiration with them for the rest of their lives. 

The Moonshot activities will help your students further develop their skills in reflection, discussion, collaboration and design thinking. These are crucial skills to develop for student development. Discussion and collaboration skills enable students to develop teamwork; design thinking helps students think outside the box and tackle problems with open minds; reflection allows students to develop critical thinking skills and learn from their experiences.

According to Stanford Business, reflective activities reap tangible benefits in a student's growth. Exercises like the Moonshot activities have been shown to improve grades, health, and self-esteem. Read more about it here.

5. How can I help?

Run the moonshot in your classroom! Help design easy-to-use lesson plans around the moonshot. Empower students to create high-quality contributions. We welcome big ideas and deeper engagement!

6. How can I contribute to the Moonshot?


  • Get together with another teacher to discuss and understand the project
  • Brainstorm discussion prompts & homework assignments
  • Request additional information and share ideas
  • Test in the classroom!
  • Share the results

7. How can I share my lesson plan results or new lesson ideas?

We have a forum set up for you to share the fruits of your Moonshot lesson plan along with any new lesson ideas you have. In this forum, you can get in touch with other teachers also taking part in the Moonshot, view their results and discuss new ideas. 

If you would like to contact us directly, feel free to email us at sandiego@exploreplanet3.com and we will get back to you in a timely manner.