The following ideas are routes you can take once you completed the first lesson plan and homework assignment:

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate!

If your students are enthusiastic and you want to incorporate more of the Moonshot into the curriculum, one of the best approaches we recommend is to let students share their contribution with each other and get feedback! Whether they share their contributions via pair sharing, group sharing, or classroom gallery walks, students can gain a lot by seeing each other's ideas and giving feedback. Once they get feedback and discover more ideas from others' approaches, they can create another iteration of their contribution. This increases the quality, thoughtfulness and creativity of their work. 


Write a message to the future.

Have your students write a message or question to the people of the future that will open EarthCapsuleOne. Have them think hard about what they have learned so far in life and topics/issues that are the most prevalent in today's society. Passing around papers to each table makes it so that not one message is the same. Students will also be able to bounce off each other's ideas to create their own unique message.


More ideas, coming soon!