Moonshot run-through with justin aglio

This section showcases an instructor running through the Moonshot lesson with a class of 8th graders. The instructor present is Justin Aglio, Director of Innovation at Montour School District in Pennsylvania. 

Given the length of the video, we split it into five sections for your convenience. The sections are split up similar to our actual lesson plan in order to give you a better idea of how the lesson is structured. Each section has a brief description in order to give you an idea of the video content. You can view the full lesson plan via the Get Started link.

Please note that the following video is not an exact replica of our lesson plan. This is a great example of how you, the teacher, have the power to reshape the lesson plan to best fit your classroom!

Here's a link to the full run through, if you would like to view it as a whole. 

Activity 1: Introduction


In this section, Justin introduces the Moonshot Campaign to the students. It starts off with a power point and then delves into an empowering video.

In the lesson plan we provide you, we provide a slide deck and video for you to use. 

Activity 2: Brainstorm


Following the introductions, the students jump into a brainstorm session. The question is "What do you think should go in EarthCapsuleOne?"

Activity 3: Bullseye


Now that everyone has some ideas, Justin consolidates everyone's ideas onto a bull's eye diagram. The center of the bull's eye represents items/themes that the students think are essential to include in EarthCapsuleOne. Meanwhile, students pair share as different groups of students head up to post their ideas. Afterwards, Justin presents the overall Bull's eye.

Activity 4: Reflection


This reflection is split into two reflection activities, covering two questions: 

  1. "If you could send one message [to the future], what would it be?" 
  2. "What should go into EarthCapsuleOne?"

In these activities, students reflect, write and share their thoughts. Part Two is particularly riveting as the students share mature, meaningful thoughts of what it means to live on planet Earth.